Biaggi's Weblinks

This is an Emergency weblink site to be
used when is not
functioning properl

Use the links below to get to e-mail and other external vendor sites.


The IT Department is working on correcting the problem.  You will be notified when is working again.


Biaggi's E-mail System                                    CLICK HERE

Ctuit RADAR - Business Intlelligence            CLICK HERE

HotSchedules - Labor Scheduling                  CLICK HERE

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HotSchedules - Labor Scheduling                  CLICK HERE


Paytronix - Gift & Comp Card Services          CLICK HERE


ESS Empower - Payroll Data                           CLICK HERE 


TPC\PFG - Food Vendor                                   CLICK HERE


PGF Batesville - Food Vendor                          CLICK HERE


PFG Cary - Food Vendor                                   CLICK HERE


Palmers - Food Vendor                                     CLICK HERE


RomaLink - Food Vendor                                  CLICK HERE


Wesserstrom - Smallwares                               CLICK HERE


Facebook - Social Network                               CLICK HERE


Blue Cross \ Blue Shield - Insurance               CLICK HERE


FedEx - Shipping                                                CLICK HERE


Minerva Sportsware - Apparel                           CLICK HERE


Coloring Book - Kids                                          CLICK HERE  


ADP iPay - Old Payroll System                          CLICK HERE - Consumer site                             CLICK HERE